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Brett Sisun has been alive since 1990, and has been tootin' round the world ever since, writing lil' songs, makin lil' laughs, and exploring the limits of his imagination. 

He gives his life to comedy, music, and performance and is thrilled to bring an audience through the gamut of emotional trials: excitement, hilarity, sorrow, embarrassment, more hilarity, lament, and finally, if able, joy.  


He started his music career with the cult popular Eugene-based group Cosmic Jelly, has toured the country with the fated Honey Mountain Do-dos, and has been playing shows with his band the Brett Sisun Group since 2017.  

He began as a kind of half-assed teenage folk singer, but has evolved to enjoy any song idea which expresses an energizing view of our present situations. 


Songs and jokes are very interesting beings, do you agree? They seem to come out of thin air and have agendas all on their own. They require a great deal of frustrated digging in the sand to be uncovered. Only at first one digs and finds nothing, only to stumble upon a limb of the thing while walking out of the sandbox. We don't really have any power over them and I suspect we don't write them at all. But if given the time, they can help us locate little meanings about our time here... They can guide us to clarity in difficult situations. But strangely and equally they can give rise to drama and chaos. One must always be ready with these little songs & jokes.  

The act of music-ing is a wonderful reflection of our responsibilities to one another. When I am on stage I feel I have the duty to express the songs & jokes at hand as honestly and simply as I can, no different than a longshoreman should tie good knots when the boats come to dock. Good song-ing is an act of real time respect for other peoples sensibilites, or something like that.  


Honestly, I've been in a lot of strange, beautiful and challenging experiences because of music & comedy. Music forces me to dig deeper to be more in line with what is nesessary here.  

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